Are White Men Irrelevant as a Market?

After watching the election night coverage and listening to the political pundits on both sides one thing is very clear…this isn’t your mama’s United States anymore. If the US government was run as  a business, it would be glaringly obvious that one of the two marketers trying to win you as a customer completely missed the boat. He failed to recognize the demographic of the marketplace had shifted and he was still marketing to the same old target market this company had always marketed to. They ignored where the market shifts had occurred and in the end they lost market share.obama-romney-debate

According to those same pundits, as Americans, we are in a sad state of affairs. No matter who had won the election, one thing is perfectly clear; we are a deeply divided nation. And again, if this was a business, a marketplace with two very diverse target markets.

Let’s say this country was your business. In the past, older white males had always been the target market that made the rules. You can stick with them or continue to split test and realize the market has shifted. If you did your homework, you’d realize we have deep divides between young and old, men and women, white people and everyone else, those who go to church each Sunday and those who don’t, single women and married women. How do you find your market with this fractured state of affairs?

The question now becomes, are white men irrelevant as a market? If you stuck with  your old target market you’d get left behind not knowing exactly what happened, and possibly even misdiagnosing why your marketing plan had failed, still refusing to recognize times had changed and the marketplace had shifted.

Sometimes the marketplace of available choices forces the customers to make a choice, not based on what they really want but on the only choices that are available, even when neither may fully address their desires or their basic needs. That’s a huge mistake in misreading the market, don’t you think?

And sometimes the customers are so set on following their ‘team” that it doesn’t matter what is offered. They blindly go with their team. How do you market when this kind of blindness has preempted critical thinking? How do you market the merits of what you offer to a demographic who has had their mind made up for years before you even showed up? Can you break into the market and offer something new?

If you’re on the side that has lost touch with the marketplace or misjudged what the market wanted, is it possible for you to regroup and change your path or is it a case of natural selection and outdated ideas going the way of the dinosaur when a business tries to operate the same old way even though the market has shifted?

Take some time to look at how you are marketing your business today and see if it’s been too long since you took a fresh look at your target market.

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