What’s New: Wine Tasting on Marina Cabo San Lucas

In the US Thanksgiving is just one week away. I actually got an email this morning from a marketer doing a pre-Black Friday sale. Do we really need to push the holidays up any more?

Black Friday in the US is the 1st day of the official holiday shopping season, the day after Thanksgiving. This is the day retailers hope to finally have their year go into profit. Lynn Pierce wine tasting at marina Cabo San Lucas

I’ve been working with some local businesses on their marketing and it’s surprising how many brick and mortar businesses actually do spend months and months in the red, banking on the fact that when ‘season’ comes they will still end up with a good year.

For those of you who are online marketers and content creators, take a little time to appreciate the opportunity you have every day to create money on demand.

As the news continues on the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, it’s apparent we still need to help in any way we can. I’m continuing to offer you a way to send food to those who need it. See the featured resource below. If you have any questions, just email me. Los Cabos Winery marina wine tasting table

This week’s pictures are at a pre-opening for a wine bistro that will be opening for wine tasting on marina Cabo San Lucas.

This week’s Success Blueprint Radio show guest was Noah St. John. Noah has some interesting ideas on why affirmations don’t work and what you can do that does lead to your success in business and in life.

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