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Book Marketing Virtual Book Tour or Expert Showcase Interview

Do you need a mentor to help you finish writing and market your book?

Or maybe you need a great interview to position you as an expert in your field.

Special Offer

Grab this $1997 special quickly for your Virtual Book Tour or $997 Expert Showcase Interview before the spots are gone.


You’ll have a great marketing piece for your book and interview questions you can use over and over, plus all the benefits you see below.


Normally this service is $3997. I have not taken out any of the benefits to you by making this crazy low offer. You get everything I would include for a client investing the full fee, so reserve your spot today.


FYI: Even if your book is not yet complete you can reserve your spot and schedule the date out for the time when you will be ready.


Here Are Just a Few of the Pieces I’ll Put in Place for You:


    1. If your book is not complete I will guide you through the process of positioning yourself properly as an expert or leading authority in your content as well as positioning the products and services you plan to offer as an outgrowth of your book.


    1. I will set up the site to promote the Virtual Book Tour, so you don’t have to hire a web person to do it


    1. I will set it up so you will have an ongoing sign-up and replay page to send traffic to permanently  market your book and increase your visibility


    1. I will set up the ASK campaign to capture people’s most important question on your topic for inclusion in the Virtual Book Tour which will increase your positioning as a leading authority on your topic beyond the content of the book to increase additional sales of your products and services


    1. I will provide you with proven email copy for you and your partners to mail promoting the Virtual Book Tour and the replay so you don’t need to do any copywriting or  have the expense of hiring someone


    1. I will read your book and structure the interview questions for you that will allow you to showcase your unique abilities as an expert and also give you a platform that will carry you into radio TV and print interviews


    1. I will help you structure bonuses to increase sales even if the majority of your audience may already have a copy of your book, so don’t worry if your book is new to the market!


    1. Depending on your topic, in most cases, I can book you on radio shows


    1. I’ll help you structure social media to promote your Virtual Book Tour before and after the event to increase the buzz around you as a leading authority and your book


    1. I’ll show you where I see opportunities to provide your audience with additional offerings they really want and how you can create it for them or send them to someone who has it and create additional ongoing income


***Expert Showcase Interview package includes the interview itself, #7 and #10 and is designed for experts who don’t have a book to launch.

Here’s what a couple of my clients had to say…


I met Lynn Pierce while speaking at an event. She offered to do an impromptu video for “Aspire” and I was impressed with how easily she could create a promotional video for my book with us just having met a few minutes before.


She even observed a few things at my book table that has led to increased book sales.


So when Lynn told me about the Virtual Book Tour, I knew we were meant to do this.


Lynn took care of everything; scheduling the guests, structuring the interview, the questions, even the website.


It was clear that she knew the content of my book and created a conversation that served everyone listening. It was great positioning for my book and a powerful marketing tool I can continue to use.


Lynn did a fabulous job of orchestrating four expert guests (Bob Proctor, Arielle Ford, Harvey Mackay and Dave Blanchard) and two readers into our interview in a seamless way that flowed along with the content of the book.


After it was over, I was completely wowed by what we had just done!


It greatly exceeded my expectations and I received calls, Facebook posts, and emails telling me how this call impacted those who listened.


Doing this VBT has allowed me to get my message out to more people and also deepen the connection I have with my readers in a way I couldn’t do one on one. And that’s why I do what I do.


Lynn’s preparation and professionalism are unparalleled and I would highly recommend authors work with her. She makes a difference wherever she goes.


Kevin Hall


Check out this article on the Huffington Post where publicist Arielle Ford interviews my Virtual Book Tour client, “Aspire” author, Kevin Hall about his Virtual Book Tour experience.


Kevin answers the questions of how it affected his book sales and the other benefits he received from doing his Virtual Book Tour.


“Aspire” is a fabulous book and it was my pleasure to assist Kevin in getting his message out to the world in a bigger way.


To find out how I can help you with your book promotions by connecting with me on Facebook



Several years ago Lynn Pierce was one of my online mentors in raising my Self-awareness.


Now through the process of her Virtual Book Tour, she has guided me to take my business as an author and speaker to the next level.


I approached Lynn about my ebook “Confirmations” and indicated the response it had received when it was released. After hearing what I had to say she suggested to release “Confirmations” as a self-published book and do a Virtual Book Tour to launch the release of the book.


The detailed process of what transpired from ebook to published book, to the VBT launch was remarkable.


The interview Lynn created for the VBT flowed very smoothly and as a listener indicated afterward “it was a great build up”.


I too felt after the interview that the questions were well thought of and provided the opportunity to showcase myself as an expert in my field.


The responses I received for several days after the interview were amazing…it even inspired a listener to write a poem!


If you are a speaker or an author I encourage you to utilize VBT to bring a deeper relationship with your audience, build your status as an expert, create a wider reach and with more buzz, and have the recording as a great marketing piece.


Listening to my interview will confirm everything I wrote about Lynn and the VBT interview and what it can do for you…



Whether you’re a first-time author or an author with more than a dozen bestsellers, Lynn Pierce’s Author 2.0 system can help you take your message wider around the world and deeper into your target market, extending your reach and expanding your expert status in the media.



Available services include virtual book tours, author media interviews, and product line creation.


The fastest way to connect with me is on Facebook by private message. You can use the contact form on this site, but Facebook is more reliable than email.