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Last night was my webinar for Networking Times. I love doing training for network marketers. The Q & A at the end brought out some great questions. I hope you were able to join us.
Getting to YES Without Selling Quick Start Formula 2.0
Last Thursday I recorded an interview on How to Attract People Who Want to Give You Money for an upcoming teleseummit and Friday I did 2 short interviews on the topic of sales. One was a little challenging as I gave 9 Keys to Getting to Yes Without Selling for Entrepreneurs in just 10 minutes!

I also did a 10 minute interview on Networking Times radio show where the interviewer made some interesting distinctions on my topic I think you’ll be interested in hearing. As soon as I can get a copies of these interviews I’ll make them available to you.

Spike and Lynn Medano Beach Cabo

Spike and Lynn Medano Beach Cabo

Our weather in Cabo is back to normal, warm and sunny. I kind of miss watching the storms coming on my weather app.

Spike at breakfast at The Office in Cabo

Spike at breakfast at The Office in Cabo

Last week we talked about your vision, the focus of this week’s article is your vehicle, in particular, an unusual way to make more sales. Next week, back to value.

This week’s Success Blueprint Radio show guest was Jack Zufelt. Jack is a success expert, traveling the world teaching huge audiences for decades.

It’s been a difficult week for me personally. Monday afternoon I took Spike to the vet to see if there was anything else we could do to make him comfortable or if it was time. I’ve never had to put a pet to sleep before. Tomorrow may be that day, so this weeks pics are some of my favorites from this last year in Cabo.

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