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If you haven’t read the Networking Times Article I mentioned last week, here it is again. If you have a business, read it. Also, the webinar I’m doing for them is next Wednesday if you haven’t registered yet, do that now.

storm cloud mountains in Cabo

storm cloud mountains in Cabo

I have been doing a lot of interviews lately. Last Friday I was interviewed on Sharyn Abbott’s radio show for authors and speakers on how sales. It was quite an interesting conversation, and even if your business isn’t being an author, there are nuggets to help you grow your business.

As the wind picks up and slams the guest room door shut, it brings me to my favorite topic lately, our weather in Cabo. It’s become a hobby. Maybe it’s because for most of the last 20 years I lived in the desert where there was little weather. And, it’s so unusual to have this wet weather. This may go on record as the wettest summer here. Anyway, more rain this whole entire week. I love the storm clouds and the breeze blowing through my house.

rainy cruise ship in Cabo

rainy cruise ship in Cabo

The other thing I like is watching the desert coming alive. With each new rain storm, the plant growth gets fuller and now we’re approaching jungle like greenery where a few months ago there was bare ground and trees that looked like they had been hit by a fire. Now butterflies and flowers are spraining up everywhere. Could this be an analogy for your business? Hmm.

This week’s guest on Success Blueprint Radio was my good friend Brendon Burchard. Listening to his personal story,  philosophy on success and business will be a refreshing shift from most marketing messages we hear.


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