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I have an article on the home page of NetworkingTimes.com called Authentic Sales: The Key to Easily and Naturally Increase Your Sales. Check out the webinar I’m doing for them in the Featured Resource below. mountains in Cabo

If this is the third week in a row that’s it’s rained for 2 days straight, does that qualify under the heading of what’s new? This week it was Monday and Tuesday. More rain is scheduled for next week. It seems there is a never ending line of storms from South America all the way up to Baja.

Here’s a little Baja lesson:
In case you think Cabo’s resorts and golf courses are all there is here, there are ranchers and farmers that live way back in the mountains. And there are little villages going up the East Cape (Cabo means cape) with some pretty interesting things to see. Those ranchers in the mountains have been in a sever drought for 4 years so this rain is very welcome. green desert in Cabo

Whenever it rains, the roads in town flood, the corridor where all the high end resorts are has mud coming dow through arroyos that make driving difficult. The biggest things is the power goes out. This time it went out at my house for almost 8 hours starting at 2AM. I watched Netflix on my iPad tethered to my phone for Internet until my phone battery died. Then I realized how attached I am to electronics.

Luckily my schedule is flexible enough that I could enjoy the rain and read a book one it got light out. Which brings me to this week’s article.

Our topic this week is value. 3 weeks ago when this topic rolled around it was the value you give to your clients. This week it’s the value your business provides to your life.hotel storm in Cabo

This week’s Success Blueprint Radio show had the same issue of no sound, so no show this week.

This week’s pics are results of the storm and the greening of Cabo.

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