What’s New: How Are You Finishing 2012?

As I sit down to write my ezine this morning, I’m wondering where the last week went. You know, my mom and grandma used to tell me when I was young that time goes by much faster as you get older. It seems like weeks are flying by and now we’re just a week from Halloween and before you know it the holidays are here again. Grand Solmar Resort Cabo sunrise

So what is your plan for finishing 2012 with a bang? Has 2012 been all you hoped it would be? If not, how can you shift it in these last few weeks of the year?

For me this year has been completely unexpected, from closing down my business in January and re-opening it in July. The passing of my beloved Yorkie, Spike. I’ve had some twists and turns here and there I wouldn’t have foreseen.

The one constant that has remained has been the great opportunity I said yes to back in 2009 to have a network marketing business. The anti-aging company I chose and the products it’s introduced in the last 3 years have been beyond my expectations and the long term residual income available is growing quarter over quarter at a record pace, for more than 3 years now! Santa Maria Beach Cabo

My hope for you is that when you finish up 2012 you can look back and say it was a year of expansion and unexpected opportunities you were smart in saying yes to. If I can help you make that a reality, I’m here for you.

This week’s Success Blueprint Radio show guest was Mabel Katz. Mabel is a master at Ho’oponopono. Tune in to see how you can have more success from the inside out.

This week’s article is on how your business value is reflected in your social media choices.

Pictures are of Cabo life.

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