What’s New: Breast Cancer Awareness

This week in honor of breast cancer awareness month, I’ve decided to make the featured resource for breast cancer the focus of the ezine so for the 1st time there is no featured article. Instead you’ll find a link for the radio show I did on the true story of my breast cancer.

Between the storm causing power outages, Internet outages and finally no cell service, I ran out of ways to connect to the Internet or phone. So I decided to write. Cabo bay day after storm

I’ve only lost my Internet twice since switching from the Mexican phone company when I moved this spring. Believe it or not, my Internet, which comes through a wireless network which comes from satellite, is more reliable than the phone company. Cabo is a beautiful place to live and many things have gotten more convenient than when I lived here int he 90’s. At the same time much of what constitutes day to day life, can be a pain in the you know what here.

I’ve worked in silence for many years now, living in places where nature brings so many nice sounds. But knowing that you can’t connect to TV, movies or music, which all come through the Internet, makes the silence somehow different. Strange how the energy shifts when choice is no longer there. Cabo desert day after storm

The good news is the hurricane decided to hit land north of us on the Baja, so we got lots of rain, endless amounts of mud and sand pouring onto the road, lots of reconfiguring of the beach and now peace and quiet after the storm. This week’s pictures are the day after the storm. The desert now looks like jungle!

This week’s Success Blueprint Radio show guest was sales expert Mitch Axelrod. Mitch talked about the New Game of Success and the New Game of Selling.

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