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Life is beginning to move very quickly. I can feel it when an upleveling in my life is coming. Can you? It’s an exciting time, like looking at the big wave from your surfboard knowing that you are going to get the ride of your life. The resurgence in popularity of some of my older programs is gratifying. Then I realized that it might have something to do with the fact that I have gotten better about getting the message out. Marketing, who knew?

How was your Easter weekend? I had a great Easter brunch with my friend Audrey Hagen’s family. We had fabulous food and lots of great champagne, shared with friends and family…my kind of day.

My article “How Understanding Other Personalities Can Double Your Income” is featured on the home page of Networking Times right now. And I’m doing a webinar for them that you are invited to attend. Register here.

If your group would like me to do a private training call for you, “How to Attract People Who Want to Give You Money”, email me. It’s my gift to your sales success. I’ve been doing this training call for private business groups, membership programs, companies and network marketing teams. Could you use more sales in your business?

I have been doing private sessions for a month now with people from all walks of life from a program I participated in last month. One thing I can share with you is that every single person I spoke with could benefit greatly from doing the lessons in Change One Thing, Change Your Life. If you do not have this program yet, I believe it could be the foundational piece that’s missing from you being able to take your life to the next level. There’s a reason it keeps showing up here as the featured product.

So what was your week like?

Set your goals high enough that they require you to stretch your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I can change this year to create the life of my dreams?”

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On “Success Blueprint Radio” yesterday my guest was  Deborah King and we talked Deborah Kingabout her new New York Times best seller, “Be Your Own Shaman”. This book is resonating with the world to have organically made it to the NY Times list in just 10 days of release. Congratulations to Deborah on that!

If you missed this episode of the show you can listen to it on http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com or download it to your iPod.

The show airs live every Wednesday at 4PM EST, where you can ask your questions live or submit them ahead of time at http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com

So if you want to know how to get the life you want, I would highly recommend you check it out. You can listen to the show posted on http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com

Call in and participate at 4PM EST today-this is a talk show!

Phone Number: (347) 843-4199

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