How to Stop Valuing the Valueless and Live Your Life Fully

In A Course in Miracles it says, “I will not value the valueless.” From the Course’s perspective, we ask way too little from life.woman silhoutte sunset

When you look at the Universal Law of creating a vacuum, you have to release things from your life that aren’t working so there is room for what you really want to come in. If the glass is full of bad water, there’s no room to put the fresh water unless you pour some of the old water out of the glass, right?

In terms of value, if you’re holding on to things that offer little or no real value in your life, you’re effectively making the choice to not allow space for things of great value to enter your life. You are making this choice second by second in your day to day life with every minuscule choice you make. This either allows or prohibits you from living your life fully.

This is literally a black and white choice. Either the thing you are considering brings great and long lasting value to your life, or it doesn’t. The problem comes when you try to convince yourself there’s some value in the valueless. We call that settling.

Settling is never to your benefit. It won’t make you happy and it could very well make you miserable and cause all kinds of havoc in your life. Nothing good ever comes from settling, ever!

When it comes to recognizing value, first you need to value yourself.

Here’s a quick exercise for you:
How quickly can you make a list of the top ten reasons you are a valuable person? Go. Do it now. Grab a piece of paper and see if you can do it without even thinking. This will tell you a lot about what you really think of yourself.

Your ability to see value or valuelessness in the things you surround yourself with begins with your internal valuation.

In general, in the material world, things of value are solid, well built,  long lasting. They will endure the test of time. A Rolex watch will last a lifetime or more. A well built car will easily last over 200,000 miles, and a well built home can last hundreds and even thousands of years and still be structurally sound.

On the other hand, what has no value? How about a fast food meal which brings no nutritional value compared to a healthy sandwich you could make at home. And as I said earlier, that same choice of the fast food meal could play real havoc in your life over time. It’s the simple little second by second choices you make that add up to a lifetime of enjoying great value and joy or valuelessness and havoc.

This law applies whether you’re talking about relationships, health, money, love, or your business. And it also applies to every purchase you make and how you choose to spend each hour of your day, which turns into each year of your life.

Don’t’ let the easy instant choice of settling in life, create a life of no value for you. You’re kidding yourself if you try to tell yourself it’s only temporary. That’s a story you sell yourself to make it easier to accept the fact that  you’re settling.

As it says in The Course, “…there is no compromise in what your choice must bring. It cannot give you just a little, for there is no in between. Each choice you make brings everything to you or nothing.”

You choose, so choose consciously.

I’d love to hear what comes of this process for you. Share your experience by posting your comment below.

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