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I’m enjoying a change of scenery here in Cabo this week. Instead of being at home, I’m spending the week at the Grand Solmar Resort with a friend. The resort is on the pacific side and the building I’m in is the closest to the water of any in Cabo. Grand Solmar Resort Cabo PoolOver here on the pacific the waves are huge and pounding so loud you can hardly carry on a conversation with the doors open!

And it’s gorgeous! The cruise ships come in really close as the round the corner into the bay. When I first came to Cabo back in 1991 I lived right next door in an ocean front condo, so it’s kind of like deja vu being here. Vince Neil of Motley Crue is here.

A lot of rockers are coming into town this week for Sammy Hagar’s big birthday bash at Cabo Wabo. It’s almost a holiday here. In fact, it’s bigger than a holiday. Just about any and every kind of local business try to tie into Sammy Hagar’s birthday, Grand Solmar Resort Cabo Pool Cruise Shipeven a woman’s clothing store having a Sammy birthday sale!

The weather is cooling down a bit so it’s been nice to spend some time in the beautiful infinity pools that from the ocean throughout the resort. This week’s photos are of the resort.

This week’s Success Blueprint Radio show guest was Wendy Robbins. Enjoy this rebroadcast of an earlier show and peek inside the mind of a millionaire inventor, author, director and entrepreneur.

This week’s article above is on how the vision for your business isn’t the reality you see and how to fix that.

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