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This week I have been dealing with the death of my beloved Yorkie Spike. spike-lynn-swimmingIt’s even harder because I had to make the decision it was time. He left this earth last Friday morning and my house seems so big and empty without him.

I immediately started to notice the little things I did in my day that revolved around him. Little things that were done so intuitively to care for him that I didn’t even consciously know I did them.

It makes me wonder how many areas of our lives we do things on such a regular basis that we become unconscious of them. This could be good or bad for us depending on what it is we ‘re doing, right?

I don’t remember the passing of Spike’s mother, Sam, 2 years ago being this Spike swimminghard. Maybe that’s the blessing of time. For the last 2 years it’s just been me and Spike. Our life went through a lot of changes in those 2 years and he was my constant companion. I feel a huge loss without him. This week’s photos are of Spike. I posted a memorial photo album on my Facebook profile.

This week’s Success Blueprint Radio show guest was Greg Reid. He gave some great distinctions on how to get the biggest people in your industry to be mentors, among other tips to bring in more sales and more success.

This week’s article above is on value vs. valuelessness.

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