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Tell me where this picture was taken. Yes that’s me, shopping.

Over the next 7 weeks I’ll be doing a mystery picture each week and you can win a great prize by being the 1st to guess all 8 or if nobody does, guessing the most places right. Pam correctly guessed Maroon Bells, outside Aspen, last week.

“If your brain created the problem, maybe someone else’s help is needed for a solution.”

Lynn Pierce

Do you ask for help when you need it?

MyBeach.jpg It’s spring and time to head back to the beach. Before heading out for the weekend, I want you to sit down for a couple minutes because I have something particularly important to talk to you about today and a special teleseminar I’m doing for you.

The theme of this week’s ezine started with a conversation I had with Lorrie Morgan Ferrero on “Success Blueprint Radio” yesterday.

So make sure you read that section below and listen to the show.

The discussion we started continued to my mastermind group and then to a one on one meeting I had and then a strategy session. I realized this was bigger than I had originally thought and I had to bring something to the table right now to at least get the ball rolling…and give you a chance to join the conversation.

Now I know that I have many aware, spiritually minded men who are my subscribers and that you share the feelings of the women I’ve talked to in the last 24 hours. So I’m not leaving you out, you’re more than welcome to participate. But in this particular conversation I’m going to focus on the needs of women that are not being addressed.

Last month I did a special teleseminar for an outside group who had never met me before and it was extremely well-received. After these conversations I know it’s time I share that information with you.

The topic is Blueprint for Success: Live Your True Passion and Wealth . See the special call section below for details.

On this teleseminar I’m going to give you plenty of actions steps and tons of great content, and I’m also offering some of you access to a program for pennies on the dollar of what it’s been selling for the last several years.

Here’s why I want to do this for you:

I know that not everyone can afford the $2000 information products that are being released weekly. It’s a different economy than it was a couple years ago and yet some marketers are not taking into account your pocket book.

I’m going to change that. It might go against the flow of what everyone else is doing right now, but I want you to get the information you need and a solid track to run on to create the life and business you want to have…without paying $2000 for each little piece!

Life happens, be ready for it.

Set your goals high enough that they require you to stretch your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I can change this year to create the life of my dreams?”

Remember to join the conversation on my blog where you’ll also find each week’s ezine posted for your comments.

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On ” Success Blueprint Radio ” yesterday my guest was copy writing expert Lorrie Morgan Ferrero.


Lorrie?s Success Blueprint includes career changes, being a single mom for a time and building a business from home. And she?s done it all with grace, a positive outlook and an amazing sense of humor. When you listen to Lorrie?s story you?ll get several success keys you can use in your success blueprint.

We had a very interesting discussion about the difficulty of using the ‘good old boy’ marketing tactics when marketing to women and also mentoring for women and the role of women in the information marketing industry. Leave your comments on the site.

If you missed this episode of the show you can listen to it on http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com or download it to your iPod.

The show airs live every Wednesday at 4PM EST, where you can ask your questions live or submit them ahead of time at http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com

So if you want to know how to get the life you want, I would highly recommend you check it out. You can listen to the show posted on http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com

Call in and participate at 4PM EST today-this is a talk show!

Phone Number: (347) 843-4199

Listen on the web and be live on chat


All shows are archived for listening at http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com

Blueprint for Success: Live Your True Passion and Wealth

Teleseminar Tuesday April 13th  5:00 Pacific Time

Register right here and receive the details by email.

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If you’re life isn’t exactly the life of your dreams right now, discover how to create the life you really want. This is particularly important given the world we live in. In this new economy, I want to help you be on the forefront of this shift by being aligned within yourself and with your business.

We’ll talk about how to create your personalized blueprint for life; reconnect with your soul, reclaim your life and become the person you were created to be, all while your business works for you rather than you working for it.

I want to help you learn to trust yourself and give you the tools to make that a reality. Then from that place you will align with the perfect mentors, team and partners to get you where you want to go. Blueprint for Life Maui.jpg

What could you be creating in your life if your mind wasn’t occupied with trying to answer the same questions over and over?

It?s time to get the focus and clarity that leads to true success.

Do you ever hear yourself thinking…

* I wish I had the clarity and focus successful people have that are making tons of money

* If I could get out of this state of overwhelm, I know I’d begin making the money I deserve

* If I could relax and just be me and have my business flow easily, I’d be happy

* I really deserve to have more fun, more time for me, more freedom

* I wish I knew for sure who I am and what I’m here for so I can get on with my purpose

* I need a better plan

* If I had a mentor that really understood me, I’d be much more successful

If you’ve EVER had ANY of these thoughts, you absolutely must be on our call when I reveal the single ingredient to breaking any barrier-in your life or your business.

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