What’s Behind the Last Door You Have to Open to Get the Life You Want?

What’s the one last thing you need to do to have the life and business you want to have?

You may have heard it said that big doors swing open on small hinges. Meaning that it’s the little things you pay attention to that make the big things happen. Using another saying, “the straw that broke the camels back”…in a positive way in this situation.

So, ask yourself what’s behind the last door you have to open?

In Kevin Hall’s book, “Aspire”, I read a story about a woman who was swimming from Catalina to the coast of California. She got to the point after several hours in the water that she just couldn’t go on. Once she got in the boat and the fog cleared she realized she was only about a mile from shore. Seeing that she said she was sure she would have made it if she could have seen the shore.

Since we often don’t have the luxury of seeing the destination we are moving toward, how hard are you willing to work to realize your end result?

What does achieving your goal really represent to you?

Yes, you know what you want, but are you clear on why you want it to the point of being committed to making it happen?

Because most of the time you’ll find that people do quit when they are 95% of the way to their goal. You don’t have to look very far to find many examples from parables to real-life stories that illustrate this point.

So what’s the last door, or the next door, you have to open to realize your goal?

You need a real, serious plan for your goals to be reached with any regularity. It is possible that every once in a while one will get accomplish almost by accident, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you can just set the intention and forget it.

The goal that seems to accomplish itself would probably fit better under the category of, “even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while”. Or, your goal was so achievable it would have been more appropriate on a to-do list. So don’t take it as a sign that you have a direct line to the Universe and all you have to do is put out your desire and it will manifest.

That final door won’t open that way. Your success will come from setting your intention, being aware enough to recognize who you need help from to take the required actions, and then having the determination and the stick-to-itiveness (I may have just made up that word, but you know what I’m saying) to make it happen.

You are in charge of creating the situation where those little hinges will swing the big door. It’s up to you to get all the tools and team you need to take all the necessary action to make it happen. And I mean ALL.

So my final questions to you are these:

  • How bad do you really want the success that’s behind the last door?
  • What action, outside your comfort zone, are you willing to take to make it happen?

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What’s Behind the Last Door You Have to Open to Get the Life You Want?

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