Success Blueprint Radio Show with Emmy Award Winner Barrie Brett

What would you like to know about the personal Success Blueprint of a woman that allowed her to become an Award-Winning TV producer?

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Barrie Brett is an Emmy Award-winning television producer/writer. She has produced a variety of projects – from commercials to features, magazine & talk shows, celebrity interviews, news and documentaries.

As your host, Lynn Pierce had been mentoring people to achieve higher levels of professional success and personal happiness for almost 30 years.Click on “About” to find out more about Lynn or go to

Success Blueprints Radio
Every Wednesday when you join us you’ll find strategies and techniques you can apply immediately in your life and your business with a positive result.

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people just like you with the proven processes and the foundation of the psychology of success to build a business and a life that is built to last, no matter where you choose to live and work or what the economy is.

We’ll be supplying  you with plenty of resources for you to continue on your personal growth and spiritual journey and also the tools, strategies and step by step processes for growing your business. Everything you need to create your own personal “Success Blueprint”.

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