Simple Urine Test for Your Breast Cancer Risk

I’ve copied this information directly from medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland’s October ezine because I couldn’t find it anywhere on her site and I think this is important information for you to know. I’ve been following Caroline for years and we talked on the phone several times when I promoted her book. She’s got a lot of great information for you.caroline_photo001

Here’s the excerpt:
October is breast cancer awareness month. If you are participating in any “pink ribbon” fun runs or fundraisers be aware that the money that you raise goes to big drug companies researching the latest chemotherapy drugs and not to alternative therapies. Big pharma does not want to win the war on cancer it is just too profitable for them to do so. So the cancer challenge begins and ends with you and me. Cancer is multifaceted – both in treatment and prevention. This month I am going to show you how to stay out of the cancer zone. If you or any one you know has cancer read on here.

Every Woman Should Know Her Risk for Breast Cancer Now She Can with a Simple Urine Test!

When a major study of hormone replacement therapy in women was recently discontinued, clinicians and patients alike were left with unanswered questions. Why are certain tissues, such as the breast, susceptible to estrogen-induced cancer? Why are some women susceptible, but not others?

Researchers at Rockefeller University have found that the body metabolizes estrogens into several different metabolites that can impact cancer development. Studies have shown that measuring the ratio of two estrogen metabolites provides an important indication of risk for future development of estrogen-sensitive cancers. The studies also show that this risk is modifiable! Wouldn’t you like to know how well your body is metabolizing estrogen?

Order the Metametrix Estronex test from Call and tell them you heard about it on Facebook for a ten percent discount. 1-800-908-0000

Breast Thermography
I recently had a thermal image taken of my breasts. Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography is digital imaging that shows heat changes in the body. The thermal images are taken by a trained practitioner and the detailed interpretation is done by a medical doctor. Thankfully my breasts were very “cool” all green or blue with no red, orange or yellow showing. It is very reassuring to know that all the work that I have been doing has paid off with good breast health. To find a thermography practitioner in your area, visit Discover Screening Room. If you are in the San Diego area I recommend Lisa Kalison at who is delightful and very professional.

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms
My friend Linda Adler in Bellingham WA has become quite a resource and advocate for early detection of ovarian cancer. Linda recently discussed the symptoms of ovarian cancer which are often misdiagnosed. Lower back or abdominal pain; frequent urination or urgent need to urinate; increased and abnormal abdominal bloating; the feeling of being full quickly after eating very little. Linda recommends getting a CA125 blood test as the best way to detect ovarian cancer. Pay for the test out of pocket – only $60. It could save your life.

You can read more of medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland’s “Thoughts on Cancer” article here

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