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“Being inspired requires that, at least momentarily, you are connected to your soul.”

Lynn Pierce

Are you connected to your soul for at least the few seconds it takes for inspiration to flow?

What’s New
I’m back from Scottsdale this week and after a couple days of winds so strong I couldn’t do my beach walk, it looks like the perfect San Diego weather is back today. I’m sitting here listening to the gurgling of the fountain on my patio and the birds singing in the trees.

But, back to work…

Hey, my new http://LynnPierce.com site is up! Check it out. The header (the top part) was done over a month ago, but I kept thinking I was going to take the time to get a new photo done, but I haven’t. So no reason to wait any longer to take it live.

There’s still a few things to be tweaked. I’ll keep you posted. You know how I hate any techie stuff!

Time is running short for you to take advantage for the opportunity to not only save 2/3 off of your ticket to Empowered Women’s Business Summit ’09, but also bring your spouse, a business partner or colleague with you as your guest.


I told you last week why I’m so excited about this year.

I’ve completed re-created it this year to serve you better and the more I map out exactly what I’m going to be teaching you at this intensive, the more excited I get. That’s right, me teaching, no more new speaker every 90 minutes format.

I think you’ve had enough of that and now you’re ready for some deeper, extended content than what can be delivered in that format. Plus, I want to spend more time teaching and interacting with you.

To facilitate that, I’m going to be sending out a quick survey tomorrow morning and I’d really appreciate it if you would take just a couple minutes to give me your feedback. Men, I want to hear from you too.

Besides giving me a better idea of how to focus on exactly what you want help with at the summit, it will help me with the direction of the articles I write for you here and also help me get a better understanding in general of who each one of my more than 16,000 readers are and what is important to you.

So if you’ve attended before and thought you learned a lot, implemented¬† the ton of notes you took, you haven’t seen anything yet!

I’m looking forward to seeing those of you who have already registered for the summit. You were definitely rewarded for your quick action. The current early bird pricing will also be short lived, so grab your seat now.

So go and grab your seat right now at

Even if you’ve been to the site recently, when you fill in your info now it will put you into the group to be notified for this year’s teleseminar series.

We’re going to Vegas, Baby! Get ready to party like a rock star and take your business through the roof in ’09.

Life happens, be ready for it.

Set your goals high enough that they require you to stretch your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I can change this year to create the life of my dreams?”

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