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Here’s a photo of me with one of my clients, Pattie, having fun in Jamaica last winter. I love traveling with clients and combining business and pleasure. We have so much fun.


Quote to Contemplate

Quote To Contemplate

“Mistakes are a necessary part of the road to true success.”

Lynn Pierce

Is fear of making mistakes preventing your success?

Mike Koenigs.jpg I just got back to Scottsdale from a week in San Diego where I attended Mike Koenig’s Traffic Geyser Fire Power event. It was a totally eye-opening inspiring event. I know I’ve said more than once that I will start doing more video, but now I’m inspired! Although I was exhausted by the time we took this photo at the end of the event.

My head was spinning by that time with the genius of what Mike is about to unveil to his clients. I can’t wait to start using the new tools myself!

I’ve seen what Traffic Geyser is doing for people’s businesses and it is working what I would call miracles for businesses from local plumbers and dentists to¬† international authors and speakers. I have a link to free videos that will give you the inside scoop in the ” Lynn Recommends ” section below.

In the last two weeks between San Diego and the InfusionSoft Conference in Scottsdale, I’ve reconnected with several old friends and colleagues I haven’t seen in several years. And it looks like a couple of them are turning into collaborative projects already.

It pays to get out and attend live events at least a few times a year. In the first few years of my business that was the number one way I built my list, got clients referred to me and was asked to speak at many seminars.

Life happens, be ready for it.

Set your goals high enough that they require you to stretch your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I can change this year to create the life of my dreams?”

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On ” Success Blueprint Radio ” yesterday my guest was debt solutions expert Chris hm_pic_chrisface.jpg Hendrickson .

Chris has worked hand-in-hand with Tony Robbins for the last 20 years, and if you’re a Tony fan, Chris is “Chris the waiter” that you’ve heard Tony tell the story about.

Chris told us the whole back story on that and how you can create your own ” 5 Minute Debt Solution “. It’s a simple process that Chris walks you through, so you’ll definitely want to take a listen.

And if you missed my ” Turning Your Passion Into CashQ&A show last week you also missed an opportunity to save 88% on one of my programs. It pays to listen.

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The show airs live every Wednesday at 4PM EST, where you can ask your questions live or submit them ahead of time at http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com

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