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“Be open. Success comes from unexpected sources and may look different
than what you imagined.”

Lynn Pierce

What are you expecting?

I love the sights and sounds of spring!pool

I know February just started but the birds are singing in the morning like it’s spring and the petunias and snapdragons that made it through the winter are starting to bloom again in the big pots at the end of the water feature on my pool. Although my¬† bougainvillea is still freezedried against the back wall.

I’m home this whole month and I’m working on a couple great new programs to help you make more money and have a great life starting right now!

Speaking of that, did you get the email I sent you Tuesday about the Science of Getting Rich Program’s New Year promo? Check it out below in “Special Offers”

Update on Haiti Donations
Thank you for your donations and it’s not too late for you to contribute if you haven’t already. When you go to the site, you will need to create a customer account but it doesn’t obligate you to any further donation. On the other hand, if you’d like to make this part of your monthly contributions, contact me and I’ll get it set up for you.

Here’s a direct link to donate http://budurl.com/zuay

and this is the full info for the program: http://NourishTheChildren.com

It’s great when you have a distribution channel and food already in place when a tragedy like this happens, as we did in Haiti, so our food was already getting to those who need it.

But the need for food will be ongoing while they rebuild so if you would like to get set up to donate food on a monthly basis, contact me personally and I’ll help you to do that. It’s great appreciated.

Life happens, be ready for it.

Set your goals high enough that they require you to stretch your comfort zone and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I can change this year to create the life of my dreams?”

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On “Success Blueprint Radio” yesterday my guest was my good friend Brendon¬† Burchard. I’m sure most of you are familiar with Brendon’s book, “Life’s Golden Ticket” and the fact that he is an expert on corporate sponsorship. But he told us the real beginnings of his speaking career yesterday-a story he’s never told publicly before.

Brendon also mentioned the first Empowered Women’s Business Summit he spoke at for me back in 2007, so I thought it would be fun to show you a picture from the event.

We had a very frank discussion about exactly what it takes to be successful as a socially responsibly entrepreneur. I would highly recommend you check it out. You can listen to the show posted on http://SuccessBlueprintRadio.com


Richard in the U.K. wrote:
“I really want to say thank you for hosting your show today with Brendon. I gained some great distinctions and ideas from what Brendon and you shared and realized that we are not unusual when we give first (as I have only ever been wired) but rather leaders for tomorrow impacting today. I also agree with what he shared pertaining to social entrepreneurism.

What Brendon shared has delivered some insights for my book (target to be published in May), my speaking and my various roles. A huge thank you!”

So if you haven’t been listening to the show, I would highly recommend you check it out. You can listen to all the shows posted on

Next week’s guest is career intuitive, Sue Frederick. Right now I’m reading her new book, “I See Your Dream Job, A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do” and it is fabulous. So I can’t wait to talk to Sue about it next week.

The show airs live every Wednesday at 4PM EST, where you can ask your questions live or submit them ahead of time at

This is the Science of Getting Rich program you want to grab right now. Some other people have taught it, but nobody teaches it like Bob Proctor.Why do you want to get this program today?

2 Reasons…

It’s from Bob Proctor who has built a 40 year career teaching exactly this and he’s brought in his good friends, and fellow experts from “The Secret”, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith to add their expertise.

And right now it’s being offered at 90% off it’s original price!

If you are looking to make this your best year ever, this program is the first place I would recommend you look for personal growth and wealth building from the inside out.

So check it out before these bonuses go away tonight.

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