Update on Haiti Donations – Please Continue Your Support

Update September 11, 2011

There is still an urgent need for food in Haiti as we are in the middle of hurricane season with hundreds of thousands of people still homeless since the earthquake. But nobody is talking about it anymore.

Nourish the Children has now donated almost 225,000,000 meals.

If you would like to know more about this program or are ready to donate, click on the contact tab above and either call me or send me an email. Unfortunately, their website is not user friendly, so I can help you navigate through it.

Nourish the Children was there in 2005 for the Tsunami and the hurricanes that hit the gulf and in China in 2008 for 2 large emergencies. They support ongoing programs in Africa and serve children in need around the world.


Thank you to all of you who have already donated to this program and please continue to foward this information to other who care.

There are many options for donating and tonight is the telethon George Clooney is doing which you can see on several TV networks so your options are increasing.

This is a program that I’m personally involved with. I know the work they do.

They have delivered over 169,000,000 (yes that’s million) meals over the years to starving children and they already have distributed several thousand meals in Haiti since the earthquake.

Each bag of Vita-Meal you donate feeds a child for 30 days, nutritionally balanced food.

Overhead is taken care of, distribution is taken care of through Feed the Children, so your donation is bags of food that are going directly to Haiti.

Go to http://NourishTheChildren.com for complete details on the program and connect with me to help you with your donation.

It’s great when you have a distribution channel and food already in place when a tragedy like this happens, as we did in Haiti, so our food is already getting to those who need it.

But the need for food will be ongoing while they rebuild so if you would like to get set up to donate food on a monthly basis, contact me personally and I’ll help you to do that. It’s great appreciated.

Let’s spread the word as widely as possible. This isn’t just a U.S. project.

If you are outside the U.S. or have people you know who would like to donate from other countries and can’t use this system, they can contact me directly and I will help process their donation.

Thank you for caring enough to take action!


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