Inspiration: Inside Out or Outside In?

Where does inspiration come from? You may know that inspiration means to be in spirit or one with your higher being, but have you thought beyond that?

I was thinking about it just this morning; about the things that inspire us from the outside as opposed to the inspiration we find within ourselves.

Is inspiration from the outside really voyeuristic inspiration?

Are we really inspired by what we witness someone else achieve or even attempt? Or is it that we feel good in that moment, maybe count our blessing, and then in a few minutes go back to our regular routine.

So how do you feel when you see something you  describe as inspirational? Does it translate to inspirational action on your part?

When you see someone triumph over tragedy does it inspire you to take on a new level of challenge in your life?

How about when you see someone complete something that was against all odds?

How about when you see someone move beyond their fear and do
it anyway?

Do you take action differently then?

Or is it really a fact that true inspiration can only come directly from God to you?

In the last two days I have been inspired, or so I thought, and moved
to tears by two very different videos on YouTube. Between them, they
encompass all three types of inspiration I just asked you about.

I found the first one when I responded to John Assaraf writing on my Facebook wall. He had put this golf video out to his Facebook friends and had a great number of comments on it, so I was curious to take
a look.

I’ll post it on my blog for you, but here’s the link:

This man is truly an inspiration to everyone who meets him. You really do want to see this. It sticks with you in a good way.

The second video I went looking for because I had seen a bit about her on TV. When I watched it, I knew I had to send it out to my twitter and Facebook friends. At the time, it had almost 9 million views. Right now
as I check it’s up to 13 million.

I’ll give you the link, but they have taken down the code for embedding so I can’t post it on my blog for you.

While both are wonderful good feeling videos, there is something very different at the core, as far as the message of what is really the difference in these two people’s approach to life.

Then comment on what you feel about these two videos or how you are inspired and I’d like to start a conversation to see what you think is the difference between these two people.

Obviously they’ve both struck a cord with millions around the world, so let’s see what you think.

Until next week, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just comment on this post below.

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