I’m Ending Procrastination, How About You?

It’s not like we don’t know this already, our lives would move forward at a more rapid pace if we could just “Do It Now!” 30 years ago my ex-husband had a mail holder on his desk that said that. I thought I had that one mastered, until 2 days ago.

I was out with friends and they were grilling me on why I don’t call on some of my guru friends to do a JV on a product that’s getting rave reviews. I had no good reason. I was procrastinating! I had been for a long time. I’m the first one to say yes to all my friends who want an introduction to someone I know, want me to promote their product, interview them or someone else on my radio show.

I’m really good at saying yes to everybody. Now it’s time for me to stop procrastinating and say yes to me. And it’s not even really me. I have a program that will help so many people and they don’t know about it because I can’t reach them unless I ask my friends to partner with me and tell their subscribers.

Conquer procrastination #1:

I made a list yesterday or several people I can call to partner with. I called the first one yesterday. I will call another one today and I will keep calling and building my ” I’m comfortable calling” muscle. If you’ve ever heard me on an interview, you know I’m terrified of cold calling and this feels a lot like that to me.

On to #2…

I didn’t really even think of this so much as procrastination until I was doing my spiritual reading this morning and it just hit me between the eyes. I have an inbox of 91 messages. 2 weeks ago it was 10. What’s in there?

  • interview requests
  • requests to submit articles
  • requests to contribute to communities
  • people promoting guests for my radio show
  • asking me to promote their book
  • affiliate promotions for me to mail for
  • tools or programs I may be interested in for my growth

These are mostly things that could lead to income for me and yet I look at them, keep them to get back to later in the day and now there are 91.

What I read this morning that started this conversation inĀ  my head is this:

Practicing the Presence by Joel Goldsmith page 116 “If there is correspondence to be handled, it must be answered this day…It is surprising how much spare time we have during the day when we take care of everything as it is presented to us.”

For some reason that resonated with me in a way that nothing has before, or maybe I was just ready to live in the now on a higher level. I cam in from the pool (where I eat breakfast and do my reading) and sat down to my email. In that moment my first instinct was to do what I always do, look at the message, save it to look at fully later, do a quick reply or delete.

Conquer procrastination #2:

This time as my mind said, save this to look at later, a new voice said just make a decision now! So I took action on 3 new emails that would have been added to the 91. It felt liberating and I really felt like I accomplished something. Crazy? It was so simple, but I felt like I could take on completing more things after I responded so quickly to those.

I think it sets a tone and sends a message to the Universe of being ready to take action, being ready to move forward and being responsive to my life.

This is my new way of being. I’m declaring this in public to hold myself accountable.

So, what about you?

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