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Question: A couple weeks ago you wrote an article about opening that last door. My issue is that I’m struggling with goal setting. So my question is this, is it more important to schedule doing my business (which is part time) for a certain number of hours a day, hours a week, or a month, or should I have a goal of getting a certain amount of work done?

What works best for really breaking through when I can only do this part time?


Answer: That’s a very timely question Sherry, because today is our next Success Blueprint Gold VIP Inner Circle training and that’s a big part of what I’m going to be teaching today.

Most people start out in a new business part time and it really doesn’t matter what type of business it is. Whether your creating something to market on the Internet, writing a book, becoming a speaker, starting a coaching business or doing network marketing; the process of being successful in it is the same.

You decide how fast you want to grow based on how many hours you will devote to your business and how much action you will pack into that time.

It comes down to your belief system, your self-esteem and your time management skills.

I see people struggle with what looks like time management all the time. When we take a little closer look, we uncover where that is really coming from and beliefs and self-esteem issues show up.

It’s the same as when you want to start exercising. It makes sense to start off with what you know you can comfortably do and then up the time and the degree of difficulty t o push your comfort zone and build your muscle little by little. But many people will set themselves up for failure by setting the bar too high and taking on way too much right off the bat. The next thing you know they quit. It was too hard.

It wasn’t really that it was too hard, the just didn’t set the right goals and the right benchmarks for themselves. That’s where a good mentor can help you with the structure and then hold you accountable.

You’ll find today’s featured article very helpful to re-frame this topic for you. And also the special offer today would help you re-frame your beliefs about what you’re capable of…and that is always at the bottom of this issue.

P.S. As a Success Blueprint Gold VIP Inner Circle member you get hands on mentoring helping you create the blueprint for your life and your business as you create the products and services you offer to the world. You also get the benefit of me attending high ticket events monthly and teaching you what I learn from people like Brian Tracy, Frank Kern, Mike Koenigs, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Brendon Burchard and James Malinchak along with my 9 years experience as an information marketer.

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