A Note to Your Younger Self

I answered a question on LinkedIn today that made me think about when I was just starting out in business, my first couple years and I was 22-24.

Here’s the advice I would give myself if I could send a note back. Although I’m not sure if I would have listened…

1. Don’t judge yourself so harshly. Be kind and loving to yourself.

2. You make decisions based on the information you have at the time. Don’t second guess yourself later. Let it go.

3. Go with the flow, things have a way of working out better than you can imagine when you relax and let go of control.

4. As much as you think you are grown up and mature and know everything, you don’t. Quantum leaps in knowledge and self-awareness come with each decade.

5. Don’t worry about getting older, it just gets better.

6. Let go of concerns with looking silly or not doing something well. Play full out and have fun, no matter who’s watching or what you look like doing it.

7. Love openly and fully. It’s the only way that feels good and the only way that will bring you joy.

What would you say to yourself?

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