Part 4: 4 Core Blueprints to Reclaim your Life, Awaken Your Soul and Build Your Business

In part 3 of this series, we talked about Blueprinting Your Life Style – the Life of Your Dreams.

There are 4 core areas, or what I call core blueprints, that require your attention if you want to have a life that is in flow with your true passion and purpose. When you’ve created all 4 of your blueprints and you have all 4 of these areas functioning at a level that satisfies you, then your life will be more peaceful and effortless than you have ever imagined it could really be…

No magic bullet required!

In the final installment we will discuss:

Growth Momentum

Right now we’ll move on to the Business Skills Blueprint.

If you’ve done the work we’ve discussed in the first 3 installments of this series, you’ll be standing in a place today of knowing who you are, where you’re starting from, where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

Do you love the topics of sales and marketing?

The majority of people would answer no. You’re not alone if you would like to have clients lining up to do business with you without you ever having to ‘sell’ yourself or your products and if a marketing plan could become a thing of the past.

the reality is that unless you work on increasing the level of skill you have in the areas of sales, marketing, and communication, your business has no chance of reaching its full potential and even worse, it has every chance of failure.

So how do you blueprint these areas of your business for success?

In the last blueprint, I mentioned that the top 3% of the people in the world have such a different life than the other 97% because they look at life differently and they make conscious choices.

One of those conscious choices is to create a plan for building their business and its day to day operations for growth and financial prosperity.

This may not be a sexy topic but you can create a very elegant life with the cash flow that results from this particular blueprint.

Just like with the other blueprints we’ve discussed, first, you have to know your starting point. The next step is to evaluate how you feel about where you are and then decide where you would like to take it next.

Are you doing what needs to be done to grow your business to the level you would like in a time frame that is optimal for you?

One thing I can tell you is that this is as individualized as any of the other 3 blueprints. Don’t measure your success or lack of success against what you see someone else doing in their business. That could be a fatal mistake and take you in a direction you really have no desire to go, while you follow someone else who is following their dream.

Remember this is all about you. What you are passionate about, what you want your life to look like, the activities you choose to include in the way you create your business and the way you grow your business.

What you might not have considered in this big picture is what do you really want your business to provide for you?

I can guarantee you that it’s not about an amount of money in the bank. What does that money represent to you and what do you want it to do for you?  When you answer those questions you’ll have a better idea of what the goal of your business really is.

In what proportion do you want to trade your time for money?

The answer to that will tell you to what extent at this moment in time you either value your lifestyle more or your bank account more.

Most importantly, there is no right or wrong answer. It’s your choice. There are no rules of how many hours you should or shouldn’t work. It’s more about looking at why you’re working the hours that you do.

Once you are clear on how many hours you choose to work, what you want to spend that time doing and the results you expect to achieve, you can create a blueprint of sales, marketing, and the proper communication to your target market to achieve those goals in the time frame you would like.

It goes back to the premise of all 4 of these blueprints that what you are creating is the script of what you want your life story to be from now on.

It’s time for you to take 100% responsibility and take back 100% of your power.

Pick up your pen and create a script for yourself that is exciting and compelling and passionate and fulfilling for you on every level.

And remember that a vital ingredient to making this work is the cash your business provides to fund the life of your dreams, so let’s create the business of your dreams to go along with it.

Next, after you evaluate how you feel about where you are, take a look at what shifts you would like to make. Figure out what the end result is you are moving toward.

What do you really want your business to look like if there are no limits?

Once you’ve written your answer to that question, ask yourself what it’s going to take to get you there. If you get stuck here, I can help you. Blueprinting people’s lives is something that comes clearly and easily for me.

Create your step-by-step Business Skills Blueprint if you feel like you can do it on your own and take the first step today.

Remember that all you ever need to know how to do is the next step that you’re going to take right now and the end result. The steps in between and the people you need to help you make it happen will show themselves as needed.

Next time we’ll move on to Growth Momentum. Now that you know what you want and how you’re going to get there and you know how you’re going to get the cash to make it happen we’ll be ready to put it all together with the mentoring to keep you on track.

So get to work right now on blueprinting your business skills!

If you don’t have a clear vision and blueprint for your life (including your health) and business, click here to check out the New 6-week Master Course, “How to Create a Vision for Your Life”.

Until next time, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just comment on this post here or on Facebook.

If you would like private mentoring, go to the contact page above and tell me what you would like help with. As your mentor, I hold a bigger vision for you than you hold for yourself. When you have faith and a team that believes in you, it gives you courage. When you don’t have to do it all yourself, all things are possible for you. Commit today to go for your dream 100%.

With over 40 years in sales and marketing, along with 45 years studying human behavior, Lynn Pierce, “The Voice of an Ageless Life and Business,” mentors soul-based entrepreneurs to reach your own personal version of success and an ageless lifestyle. Tell Lynn what the life of your dreams looks like, and she’ll create the blueprints to get you there, along with the sales system to fund it. Author of, “Breakthrough to Success; 19 Keys to Mastering Every Area of Your Life”, Lynn Pierce’s personal growth and business acceleration systems help her clients get three times the results in half the time with one-tenth of the effort. Claim your free special report, “What Do You Stand For” here

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