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If you missed last night’s call it’s available for replay now.
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But before you go to the call…

Stop what you’re doing right now and read about the bonus course detailed in this email.

The special bonus outlined below valued at $2497 that I offered on the call expires at 10AM pacific Friday, which is 48 hours from the time you receive this email, so listen to the call right away for details…

Training Calls For Empowered Women’s Business Summit

Every  other Tuesday through the 28th of July I will host a 1 hour training call.

Register at:

On this call replay you’ll learn:
– How to create your business and your life on your own terms
– Why you need a compelling vision for your life
– 7 step process for turning your passion into cash
– 4 keys necessary to reach your desired outcome
– Why you must be a master communicator

******************HERE’S THE BIG BONUS****************

This can be your gift, an 8 module course that was sells for $2497. I’m now going to teach it live over the next 4 months and you can attend as my guest when you register for
Empowered Women’s Business Summit with 48 hours.


I’ll take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your own information products and becoming an infopreneur with these 8 modules that will be delivered every 2 weeks starting next week, preparing you for the live summit in August and continuing past the summit to a finished product creation, if you chose to create a product.

When you start implementing over 157 proven time-tested tips you can begin transforming your passion into life-long profits.

You’ll learn to:

*Turn your knowledge into cash

*Create passive income on the web

*Become a top expert in your field

*Earn more from your speaking engagements

*Increase your back of the room sales at events

*Turn your book into a complete product line

*Make money while you sleep

“Success Building Secrets” course is a 4 month, 8 session teleseminar mentoring program. So whether you participate live and interactive on the calls or listen to the replay, you’ll have plenty of time to complete assignments and implement strategies from each class. By the end of this program you can be well on your way to creating your information empire.

Each class is approximately 60 minutes long, but can go longer based on your questions about homework we review. Classes will be available on replay immediately after the class.

These topics will help you to hit the ground running when you get to the live summit and allow me to work with your life and your business on a much deeper level when you get to Las Vegas.

You’ll learn:

May 12        1. How to get started from scratch (Set your baseline-where you are now and what steps it takes to achieve your goal, create the vision for your life)

May 26         2. How to uncover your passion and life purpose (Find your passion and discover your life purpose, how to recognize it and what to do with it-what products you’re going to create)

June 9         3. How to blueprint the life of your dreams (Put the vision for your life into action and then build a business that fits into your life)

June 23         4. How to convert your untapped talent into cash (Discover what you’re really good at and what you want to delegate, how to easily get all the help you need to create your product line)

July 7         5. How to conquer self-imposed limits (Recognize what’s been holding you back and how to overcome it, develop the courage to go for your dreams)

July 21         6. How to unleash your personal power (Learn how to respond instead of react, make a killer first impression, how powerful people make decisions differently, how you can quickly become a recognized expert)

August 11         7. How to transform your passion into products (Create products your target market desperately wants, turn one product into a whole product line)

August 25         8. How to turn your products into profit (Get to yes without selling, take the cap off your income, create long-term client relationships, communicate effectively with anyone, turn your speaking skills into platform cash)

So, just to recap, when you register for EWBS in the next 48 hours, you can participate in this 4 month, 8 module hands on, interactive, teleseminar mentoring course that sold for $2497 for free as a fast action bonus for the live summit. THIS IS NOT LISTED ANYWHERE ON THE EVENT WEBSITE.

This summit really is an intensive, where I am going to be working with you to create transformations in your life and your business right there on the spot. Giving you this course to prepare you to hit the ground running is a huge gift from me to you so I know I’ve done everything I can to guarantee your success if you apply what you learn and take action by following the program through to the end.

So for $997, you get:

  • 6 Mentoring classes before the live summit
  • The opportunity to be chosen as a hot seat at the summit
  • The last 2 classes to finish up the process after the event to tie everything together

I can tell you that I have never seen anyone offer such a comprehensive program as this for even 3 times the price. So if you are serious about growing your business and creating the life of your dreams, I better see your reservation for EWBS coming through. Because if you don’t take advantage of this offer, you have to ask yourself, how serious are you really?

To make it a no brainer, if money is an issue, I’ve even allowed you to make 4 monthly payments. I’m not going to have my web guy change all the copy that talks about 3 payments because it will go back to 3, but the order link will give you 4 payments.

So when the 48 hours is up, everyone who registered for EWBS will get a welcome email to the mentoring program.

Register for the call and on the next page you’ll see all the details of the summit and the link to reserve your seat and participate in this course:

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