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When you want to create an information product, a home study course, write a book and promote it with a Virtual Book Tour, create a live event, do interviews or teleseminars, create a coaching or mentoring program…

I’m going out on a limb here, but I’ll bet you want to create the best product you can as quick as you can from idea to market, right? I hope so because if you’re satisfied taking years to run something around in your head and let it take its own time to be birthed, you can stop reading now because I’m not the mentor for you!

On the other hand, if you’re a take action, ‘get things done now rather than later’ person, let’s talk about how we can work together and make your ideas reality as quickly as possible.

I’m known as “The Success Architect” helping you, as an author or expert, increase cash flow by, creating or expanding a product line, seminars, coaching programs from your expertise or book. Then I”ll  show you how to get more media exposure and better search engine rankings to bring in even more clients for you.

And all this is done from the standpoint of creating your business in a way that supports you financially as well as on a soul level.

I’ll show you how to expand your cash flow through new passive/residual income streams that have gone unrecognized in your business. My personal growth and business acceleration systems can help you get three times the results in half the time with one tenth of the effort.

Let me show you how to create a blueprint for your life & turn your passion into CASH!

Besides having access to my proprietary product creation process, you can be confident in your ability to increase your sales in a way that is natural and comfortable for you…

because I’ve spent the past 30 years teaching speakers, authors, coaches, sales teams and entrepreneurs how to tremendously increase their income (by as much as 500%) while reducing the stress of the sales process! In fact, over the years I was frequently Salesperson of the Year and held as high as a 50% closing ratio in an industry where norm was 10-12%.

I’ve worked behind the scenes with some well known speakers, authors & coaches on their personal performance and products, and I’ve  been paid 5 figures a day to train their staff, using the YES System.

Working with me, you will learn the step by step process to TAKE ACTION and ACHIEVE your dreams Today! Click here to see what other clients have to say.

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My own life serves as one of my case studies…

Within just a short 12 months of cracking the entrepreneurial blueprint code, I created 3 different live events in 3 cities, developed 6 new information products, appeared in national magazines, was interviewed on numerous radio shows and increased the subscriber base of my ezine by 600%. I accomplished all of this while vacationing 8-12 weeks a year and moved to the home of my dreams in another state. Now you’ll find out how to do exactly the same thing, only faster! When you work with me you’ll learn how to create an autopilot money machine with your business while you begin living the life of your dreams today.

There’s a reason why most people will never live the life of their dreams. Many entrepreneurs and struggling information marketers don’t know how to get the level of clarity and focus that can greatly increase your income. It’s difficult on your own to find your true passion that is so “on”, you’ll ask “How did I not always know THAT?” And yet those are keys to being a successful information marketer.

Here’s a way to create a blueprint that really works for you, to become a recognized expert in your field, making the money you deserve and living the life of your dreams beyond the money!

It’s easy to create your first (or next) high ticket product or event in no time at all when you have someone with a proven step by step process to lead you. In fact if you are having trouble getting what you do as naturally as breathing out onto the blank page, don’t worry.

I can help you to write a book or create a product in as little as a weekend because I know how to ask you the questions that bring your expertise flowing out of you in a natural and comfortable way.

Here’s feedback from one of our sessions:

Thank you again for your time this morning.  I really enjoyed talking with you and having the opportunity to hear your take on my personal situation and my passions.  You are so gifted, and I truly admire you for creating a reality for yourself that allows you to touch so many people’s lives.  I very much see my own ambitions mirrored in what you are doing in that aspect, and I know that, with the guidance of your blue print strategy for my life’s passions, I will follow your footsteps and create the global improvements to the quality of our lives as humans living in this amazing Eden.  Your time with me this morning and your programs are already helping me map out the journey!

A million thanks!

Dana DeVance
Owner and Vice President
DeVance AV Design, Inc.

Connect with me through the form on the the “Contact Us” page and we can start the conversation to see if we are a good fit.

***If you’re looking for a more self-motivated, independent way for us to work together, and you don’t mind taking a little longer for the creation process, check out the Gold VIP Success Blueprint Inner Circle.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of “20 Insider Secrets for Authors to Selling More Books & Getting More Clients from What You’re Already Doing — Without Leaving Home!”

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