Attention vs. Intention: Blocking Your Success?

Are your intention and attention focused on the same thing?

Are you absolutely sure?

Because if they aren’t, you won’t be getting the results you desire. And I would venture to say that the results you do get are after some struggle and difficulty that leaves you wondering if it was worth all the effort.

As entrepreneurs, we are often balancing on the edge of this sword.

The Lack of or the Power of Intention

When you look at what your attention is focused on, if it’s not aligned with your intention, there goes the power of your intention.

And then you wonder why things aren’t flowing and success is such a struggle. You try harder, you try a new tactic, you look for a new secret trick, and nothing works.

What happens is you tell yourself you want A, and yet you’re subconsciously spending more time focused on B. That split attention diffuses your energy and you have to work twice as hard, or even 10 times as hard to get the same result you easily could get by being aligned.

Having qualities like being a hard worker that make you a great entrepreneur can also, on the flip side, become the same reason you fail to reach your goals.

What that means is that if you don’t keep a careful eye on yourself, your best strengths will become your worst challenges.

Then you’re left wondering why you aren’t getting what you want.

Here’s an example:gen-patton
You have a never say die attitude. You’re like George Patton on the battlefield when it comes to your determination and stick-to-it motto. That’s good, right? Entrepreneurs don’t quit and run away.

So you keep barreling ahead, if it takes all night, if it takes all weekend, you’re going to finish the project…

Which is great if your intention and your attention are in alignment and you are focusing all that effort on the proper action to move you forward.

But how do you know the difference between going through a wall and just banging your head against it?

Or as Stephen Covey says, “Putting your ladder of success up against the wrong wall.”

blindersNot giving up and determination can become the blinders and stubborn part of you that prevents you from seeing that you’re going down the wrong road.

You are so proud of yourself for not giving up that you fail to realize that it’s difficult or even impossible for you to succeed because you’re doing the wrong thing and the universe is trying to get you to pay attention.

Let’s hope you come to this realization before you’ve gone so far down the wrong road that you can’t find your way back, or it’s ¬†extremely costly in time and money to get back. Unfortunately, I see people waking up to this situation all the time.

What’s the best way to tap into the power of intention?

No matter what your specific intention is, the steps are the same.

Your intention is to complete the process that you’re in and have the result be a success.

If you’re like most people, your attention is on the part of completing at all costs and that’s where everything can go terribly wrong.

By simply shifting your attention to the other part of the sentence and focusing on the result being a success, you’ll open a space to see things differently.

Then when you begin to struggle, instead of bearing down and putting on those blinders, you’ll do the opposite.

Because your attention is now aligned with your intention, you’ll stop, lift your head, look around to see where you are and what’s really going on here.

From this new vantage point, course correction is much easier. The path becomes clear and success is at hand.

It really can be that simple.

Once you know how to harness the power of intention, you’ll want to make sure you’ve set the correct goals and are going about achieving them in the most productive way. This goals program will help you do that. Get the free goals checklist and grab a copy of the goals program now.

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