3 Tips for Increasing Your Abundance Today

I came across a thought from author Joel Goldsmith that if we need abundance we must begin expressing it. That started me thinking about how I demonstrate abundance in my life. Increasing your abundance is a priority, right?

You can either read the article or watch it as a video, your choice!

Here are 3 tips for increasing all types of abundance in your life.

Tip #1: Buy something big to show you acknowledge the presence of abundance?

Consciously it gets you more focused on making more money because now you have something you really love that you have to pay for. It makes you feel like you have the knowledge and the talent to up-level your performance.

Metaphysically it tells the Universe that you believe there is more than enough supply coming into your life to cover this new expense. It also opens you to new expressions of your passion and life purpose to create the extra cash.

One of the things I’ve known for more than 30 years, and have seen demonstrated over and over through my 25+ years in sales is that if you want to increase your income, go out and buy something big. It may sound counter-intuitive, but it works. I’ve done this many times from buying a car to moving to a house with a better view, to telling myself I wasn’t going to take that 6 week trip to Europe or a spa weekend until I increased my sales to pay for it in advance. It always worked.

Tip #2: Give your money, time or material possessions to a charitable organization?

Consciously it helps you clear out the clutter of your life, gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of thinking of someone other than yourself, gets you outside of your issues by giving a helping hand to those in need…and you can get a tax deduction on the money or the stuff.

Metaphysically it tells the Universe that you recognize we are all one. Giving and receiving are one big circle and you stop the flow of receiving when you don’t give from abundance. Giving of your money, time or possessions send a signal that you are living from abundance, not lack and that you have plenty and are not concerned, you know more is on its way.

At least every quarter I go through my clothes and my house to see how many big trash bags of stuff I can give to different organizations. It’s one of the happiest times for me because I know I’m clearing space for more good, I’m acknowledging my abundance and I know everything is going to someone who will benefit from those things moving on to a new owner. I feel lighter every time I do it.

Side Note: Just as I was typing that last sentence I got a call from an organization who will have a truck in my area next Wednesday & would I have things to donate!

Tip#3: Be conscious of your environment and treat it like a million bucks?

Consciously as you take care of your home, your yard, your car and even the way you clothe and groom yourself, you feel better about every one of those things. You feel happier, wealthier, and certainly, you feel great about your stuff and you look great. That raises your self-confidence and confident people are more attractive and more powerful. It’s your way of saying, “Yes, I’m worth it!”

Metaphysically it increases the vibration around everything you do. It shouts to the Universe that you understand the interconnectedness of everything on the planet and you are a good custodian of your environment. When you are grateful for and appreciative of what you have been given, you will be given more/better of what you are in gratitude of.

Every day I am grateful for having a beautiful home to live in and a beautiful yard to enjoy. And now that I think about it, I’ve had exactly that manifesting in my life for at least 30 years! What you appreciate expands and increases. It’s Universal law. This morning I demonstrated my abundance by pulling weeds from last week’s rain as I walked back from my mailbox. Technically that area is not my property, but I pulled them all anyway. It felt good to look back and see that area cleared. Why wait for a gardener to do it? It’s your planet, clean it!

Bonus Tip: Use the good china and wear the nice clothes and jewelry every day?

Consciously it makes you feel good and it reminds you that you have great taste and that you’ve been successful enough to provide yourself some wonderful personal luxuries. Why keep that stuff hidden away most of the year? Don’t you feel great when you use it? And I’m sure you look fabulous!

Metaphysically it goes back to the old adage, “He that hath, to him shall be given; and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath.” The only things I’d add to that is, to he that hath…and appreciates and uses it fully. It’s basically the spiritual version of use it or lose it, literally. It’s honoring all that you have been given by enjoying it. The things that you have accumulated are given to you to be enjoyed, not to be locked away and hoarded. If you choose not to use those things, give them away and let someone else experience the pleasure of having those beautiful things.

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